Director of Finance
Brief info

Max began his career in New York where he worked as a Sales Supervisor for a local cable company named RCN. Max's sales ability and communication skills quickly earned him a promotion to Sales Management. With the application of his skills and experience, Max brought on an additional 200,000 viewers to the cable company, all within his first 90 days. As a result of his exceptional performance, Max was swiftly promoted to Director of Sales. In that position, he implemented a bundle billing program, to combine cable, phone, and internet bills into one, which created a substantial increase in sales. Max was then offered a Sales Director position by Coastal Capital Bank in Long Island, New York. As a result of his success in the financial industry, Max met the CEO of SLT Logistics.

As a key member of our team, Max passionately works on meeting the wants and needs of our customers and strategic partners. Max who was born and raised in New Jersey, now resides in Florida, with his lovely wife Evelyn, and his daughter.

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